Mass Effect Galaxy E3 Preview

Pocket Gamer brings us a fairly unenthusiastic preview of BioWare’s Mass Effect Galaxy, after checking out the iPhone/iPod Touch offering firsthand at E3.

The basic nature of the game isn’t so much the issue here as its complete lack of appeal. Mass Effect Galaxy seemingly fails to capture the incredible spirit of the console games, opting instead of hackneyed casual gameplay.

The two stages we played were devoid of fun. Tilting to move through static top-down stages filled with unremarkable enemies does nothing to relay the sophistication of this imaginative universe.

The branching conversations lacked panache too. Selecting dialogue options is done with taps of the screen as you converse with characters. A curved menu situated on the right can be slid with a swipe of your finger, and a response selected with a tap. Conversations vary depending on your chosen replies, though the obvious nature of the available options and underwhelming cast of characters promise little entertainment.

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