Marvel: Ultimate Alliance PC Patch and Free DLC

A quick search on the web will reveal a smattering of complaints about the state that Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and its sequel were re-released in on modern consoles and PC, so I suppose it’s no surprise that Activision and developer Zoë Mode have worked overtime to get some fixes out the door. And such fixes are coming, according to this report on Eurogamer, as well as some free DLC:

Here’s a statement:

“Both the standalone and bundled versions of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 feature all of its original DLC. We are still working on making the DLC for the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance available in the coming weeks as a free update for everyone who has purchased the title on these platforms alone or as part of the bundle.

“We’re focused on identifying and fixing the issues that have been occurring. Thank you for your continued patience as we address these issues.”

That’s a promise for a specific fix for the missing DLC, which is welcome.

Now, Activision has released a PC patch that addresses some of the technical issues.

Here are the notes:

• Controller mapping improvements that address both Xbox One and Xbox 360 buttons, triggers, and a problem specifically with the A button.
• General improvements to audio and fixes for the crackling sounds.
• Improvements to player invitations for Marvel Ultimate Alliance.
• UI updates and fixes for desync/disconnection issues when playing online.

This update looks like it’ll go some way to addressing the more pressing concerns of players. But here’s hoping the patches keep on coming, because I’d really love to get stuck into the Marvel Ultimate Alliance ports once they’re in tip-top shape.

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