Mark Jacobs Interview

GameSpot has conducted an interview with Mark Jacobs, asking the founder of Mythic Entertainment several questions about what it takes to launch a MMORPG, the cancellation of Mythica, and upcoming titles like World of Warcraft. A snippet:

Q: I’ve read that the legal complaint you brought against Microsoft regarding the use of the word “Mythica” is now moot. True?

A: Not at all. It will only become moot when all the appropriate decisions are made by both sides. While Microsoft has announced that it has canceled the product, I also read an interview where they state that they haven’t decided what to do with the Mythica IP. To me that seems as if they are leaving the door open a bit–not closing it forever. We were as surprised at Microsoft’s decision as everybody else was. We heard the word the same time everybody else did as well, so we really don’t know exactly what is going on out there.

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