LotR: War of the Ring PC Interview

3D Avenue has conducted an interview with Liquid Entertainment’s Ed Del Castillo, asking the president and creative director several questions about the PC version of Lord of the Rings: War of the Ring. An excerpt to follow:

Q: Will there be character building “RPG” style features, specifically for the included Hero’s and Villains from the world of Middle-Earth?

A: The Evil side has about 8 heroes and the Good side has about 15, which includes the whole Fellowship, Theoden, Erkenbrand, Eomer, Faramir, and others which we chose based on the battles that we chose to have playable. In the single player version of the game you will be able to have as many heroes as were actually there at that battle. In the multiplayer game, we give each side 5 heroes and those are fixed for game balance purposes. Right now there is now disadvantage for having all the heroes other than its a lot to manage.

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