Lords of EverQuest Review

Gamenikki has posted a review of Lords of EverQuest, giving the RTS/RPG hybrid an overall score of 7/10. Their final paragraph to follow:

Everquest titles by default tend to be some of the most dangerous titles to review. The community tends to be one of the most vindictive and aggressive gaming communities in existence, of which the pure wrath can deliver Slashdot amounts of hate mail into an inbox of a critic. Unlike PlanetSide, which has swallowed a few hundred hours worth of play time, Everquest holds no such fascination with this author, and so no such defense that the author is a part of the community can be made. There were several items in the game that just drove an Everquest-loving friend to tears of joy when seeing them. Such items that seem… well… boring and uninteresting. Lords of Everquest’s biggest fault is that it plays to the Everquest community instead of to the community created by Blizzard. Lords of Everquest is just a pale shadow of Warcraft III, and at several points when trying to play Lords of Everquest the computer found itself booting up Warcraft III instead. Yes, there is good content in the game, and perchance if Blizzard had not already mastered the genre, Lords of Everquest might actually be more than an above-average title. However, for just $10 more the user is able to get Warcraft III and the expansion pack, as well as the strategy guides in the Battle Chest pack. This isn’t like comparing steak to hot dogs, it’s more like comparing a slab of thick two inch Angus or Porterhouse beef marinated for 48 hours in Honey Dijon Sauce with a hint of salt and pepper, lightly grilled over an open flame, with a quarter inch Kroger markdown special that’s been slapped on the grill with some A1 sauce and left until there’s no more red showing. Warcraft III is the Angus or Porterhouse steak. Lords of Everquest is from Kroger.

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