Lords of EverQuest Review

Khabal Gaming has posted a review of Lords of EverQuest, giving the RTS/RPG hybrid an overall score of 6/10. An excerpt:

The game comes with a storyline that is sadly uninspiring. It’s made worse with boring cutscenes throughout the game. The tutorial would be a good place to start playing, as it allows you to have a taste of what to expect from the game. You can find three factions vying for control of Norrath’s lands, and they are the Dawn Brotherhood, Elddar Alliance and Shadowrealm. Dawn Brotherhood consists of humans, dwarves, and kerrans; the Elddar Alliance has elves and lastly, Shadowrealm is a collection of trolls, iksar, and dark elves. If you have played Everquest before, these races would sound familiar to you, but if you haven’t, fret not, as you need not have played Everquest to understand what’s going on in this game.

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