LoadedInc’s E3 2005 Report

LoadedInc has released their four-page report of this year’s E3, previewing such games as Hellgate: London, City of Villains, Auto Assault, and more. An excerpt about Hellgate: London:

Players can utilise numerous gun-like magical weapons which have standard fire functions but things get more interesting when you start adding enhancements to each weapon. These bolt-ons can be picked up by players and added to either of their weapons held in the left or right hand and they can be exchanged for another modification at any time should you find a better one. This modification system gives almost limitless variations on weapons which is fantastic news. The standard weapons themselves will be different, for example you may find a grenade launcher with two fuel pods and two rockets but another you pick up may be completely different as the game system randomly generates the weapon stats. There will be a limit to slots on weapons but that has not been decided as yet but there were weapons with up to four slots for modifications. There are standard point and shoot weapons but there are also area of effect weapons, very much like spells you would find in any fantasy game.

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