Lionheart “Wins” Biggest RPG Disappointment

Unfortunately, Black Isle and Reflexive’s Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader has taken RPGDot’s “Biggest RPG Disappointment” of 2003 award. Here’s why:

Much has been written about Lionheart Legacy of the Crusader. With an updated Fallout-SPECIAL system and Black Isle Studios behind developer Reflexive, what could possibly go wrong? And thus fans around the world eagerly awaiting Lionheart, one might say, they over hyped it.

The game starts out quite nice anyway, with a large city ( Barcelona ) full of quests and stories. But after that, Lionheart becomes a simple hack’n’slash feast. Little to no story anymore, and, what was accepted due to story and gameplay in Barcelona now became an annoyance as well: Not up-to-date graphics and other technical flaws..

Overall, it seems, that Lionheart could have well used another 6 months in development to make it a classic like Baldur’s Gate 2. But then again, in 2004 everybody would have slain it for its aged graphics.

Additionally, Temple of Elemental Evil took second place in this negative award ceremony and Pirates of the Caribbean took third place.

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