Lionheart v1.1 Patch Available

Black Isle Studios has announced a new v1.1 patch for Lionheart on the official website. Here’s a list of the fixes in this version:

– Fixed the bug that caused a crash if you had a companion during a save.

– A “Speed Slider” has been added that allows the user to select the speed that the game plays out between ranges of 70% to 100%. It is accessed by hitting the “escape” button.

– Many optimizations to the size and frequency of network packets. This will help lower bandwidth connections.

– Faster 3D rendering (making the game generally run faster).

– Fixed rendering error that occurred in some loaded saved games with dragons.

– Fixed a crash bug that could occur during map transitions (unrelated to companions).

– Added detection of corrupt save games file when trying to load.

– Other, smaller bug fixes (such as fixing the tool tips for buttons so that it doesn’t show an extra blue dot when there is no tool tip, etc).

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