Lionheart Site Update

Black Isle’s official Lionheart website has been updated with the following:

Wacky Weekend Web Update Ahoy!

Wahey and howdy all you Lionhearters out there! We’ve got loads o’new Lionheart loot lined up for your weekend perusal! First head on over to the SPECIAL page to read about more PERKS than you can shake a stick at! That’s right gamers; feeling less than popular with your friends these days? Well then Disease Ward could be just the perk you’re looking for! Has binding with your spirit made disease your friend? Do you eat the plague for breakfast and vacation in leper colonies? YES?!?! Well then head on over and read more about all this good clean wholesome fun! But wait, before you go getting all crazy out there this weekend, be sure to check out some ALL NEW SCREENSHOTS over on the VISUALS page of the official site as well as the RPG Vault Screenshots of the Week for even more Lionheart eye candy goodness…whew!

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