Lionheart Review

GamerDad has tossed up a review of Lionheart, giving the RPG an overall score of 3/5 stars. An excerpt from their conclusion:

I must be honest and concede that as of this writing I haven’t quite finished the game, and I issue this review uncertain if any dramatic changes or fatal bugs await in the remainder of the game, or whether I’m 4 or 40 hours from the end. With that said, allow me a guarded criticism: Lionheart begins with your character surviving an assassination attempt, and the discovery that he or she is part of the bloodline of King Richard. This hints that he or she will be pivotal in some prophecy that will reveal itself by the end of the game. As of this writing, I am a little disappointed that much of the middle part of the game hasn’t addressed or given more information about this theme. It may all work out in the end, but in a good story-based game you’d like to see a little more reinforcement of the reasons for being.

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