Lionheart Review

Game Gossip has posted a review of Lionheart, giving the RPG an overall score of “Unpolished”. A snippet:

The combat engine is interesting to say the least. Most obvious is the fact that it’s in real-time where as most are turn-based nowadays (with the exceptions being Diablo and Dungeon Siege). When you actually engage in a fight virtually all role-playing aspects are sadly seemingly removed. Combat rapidly becomes a tedious combination of slash, click, slash, magic, click, magic, slash – basically as fast as you can click the mouse. While I hate to do this since the dynamics of the game are so different on a broad scale, Lionheart’s combat can most closely be compared to that of Diablo II. The selection of weapons is nothing impressive and on a side note the implementation of the inventory system is shoddy at best. Magic plays a vital role and without it you will almost surely be slaughtered. Even the hand-to-hand combat orientated characters will be able to utilize magic to some extent so it is wise to invest at least a few points in one or two spells and use them often. Last but not least is the multiplayer. Only one mode is available and it is called cooperation. It is horribly implemented, laggy, buggy and various other adjectives would suit its description. MP is certainly not the games strong point and if you do pick this game up make sure that you are doing so for the single player. Overall the game has a very unpolished and rushed to store shelf feel to it. Just a few more months would have enabled the developer to address those minor issues and really make this game a contender. Now we’ll never know how good Lionheart really could have been.

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