Lionheart Q&A

RPGVault has posted the thirteenth installment of their ongoing Lionheart Q&A. A snippet to follow:

    Q: What are a couple of sound, voice or musical elements that you consider most memorable or effective, and why do you feel they work especially well?

    Dan Ruskin, Designer: I think all of the voiced characters in the game are excellent, but I do have a couple of favorites. One of these is Cervantes, found in the Barcelona Temple District. He is a crazed lunatic who believes he sees a beast around every corner. He really sounds crazy. Another voiced part that I really like is the Demonic Spirit that speaks with you throughout the game. He has a very sarcastic wit that I enjoy quite a lot.

    As far as sounds go, I like fighting with the undead. It is very satisfying to hear a skeleton’s bones crack with each hit. It is also quite unnerving to hear the scream of a Soul Reaver as it comes for you. The Disemboweled Gangler also makes a very satisfying sound when it explodes next to you with its guts flying everywhere.

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