Lionheart Q&A #15

RPGVault has posted the fifteenth installment of their Lionheart Q&A feature. This week, they ask the Reflexive team about what facets have been improved during the game’s extended development period. Take a look:

Bryce Baker, Reflexive Entertainment: Much of our extended time involved getting the multiplayer component of the game running smoothly. Since I’m a designer and as such, don’t know a packet from a router, I spent a lot of the time tweaking monsters. I combined some animations and effects to give various bosses and sub-bosses neat effects to set them apart from one another. It was a lot of fun and drove the QA guys nuts when the monster they had been used to beating on for the last several weeks was suddenly a lot tougher. But, as in most things QA had the last laugh – they found bugs in the scripting I got to spend some quality time fixing.

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