Legends of Aranna Preview

IGN had the chance to check out an early demo of Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna and have written up a preview based upon what they saw. An excerpt:

Animals and giants won’t win the day. Because Dungeon Siege was a bit too easy, Legends of Aranna will be a good 5 to 10% more difficult. Even though it’s harder, the new depth added provides a new change, and with it, a new way to play. Plus, when you include a streamlined interface, improved AI, a better inventory system, and over 70 new spells, you need to make it a little more difficult. The new spells come complete in new categories of spells. In adding all that is new, Ian and team wanted to make sure that nothing would be overlooked and that the game would never bog down players. So, streamlining the interface was a must.

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