Legends of Aranna Interview

Warcry has conducted an interview with Ron Rosenberg, asking Mad Doc Software’s producer several questions about the recently released Dungeon Siege expansion, Legends of Aranna. Check it out:

Q: Like the pack animal in the original DS, the series is well known for its innovations. Do you have some examples of what Aranna does to push that envelope?

A: There are hundreds of new items in the game, as well as a new pack animal called the Tragg that has a little less inventory space, but will fight for you to the death. One of my favorite new items is the Treasure Sets that as a group increase in power each time you find and equip one. We added a whole lot of new equipment for the ranged and mage classes (e.g. magical wards for the mages) with intelligence and dexterity requirements that differentiate the classes more.

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