Legendary Interview

A mysterious woman we know as Gel214th interviewed as many would say the “Father of Role-Playing Games”, Gary Gygax, at Womengamers.com. In a casual style, it covers some interesting ground, and goes a little like this:

Looking down the line Gary..what do you think the future of the traditional pen and paper RPG is? I’m thinking that convergence with the computer, Internet and rich environments these can provide..would be essential? Do you think the surge in RPG computer games..I mean the term RPG is being thrown around in everything from shoot em up games, to flight sims now..do you think that will help pen and paper RPGs?

Help paper RPGs? Only marginally. The new D&D game in mass-market outlets (the intro set at $10), and the D&D film releasing December 8, and then the LotR series thereafter will do a lot more. Those will likely assist the CRPG offerings a lot too, of course.

I see the CRPG eventually fulfilling a role something like that of the motion picture in RPG terms. The online gaming will be in the role of the TV in this same analogy. Meantime, the paper RPG gets the place of the live stage play. the most intimate but smallest in audience. the top in one respect, the bottom in regards to actual number of participants.

Now for the whole of it, you need only follow this link.

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