Legend: Hand of God Review

GameSpot was able to spend some time with Master Creating’s Legend: Hand of God, and it doesn’t sound like they enjoyed it very much. They give the RPG a score of 4.5/10 and had this to say in the conclusion:

As one last kick in the teeth, Legend doesn’t even give you the option of skipping out on its lifeless single-player campaign for multiplayer mayhem, because there is no multiplayer option. It’s hard to imagine such a perfunctory exercise in action RPG game design being any more enjoyable online than it is offline, although it would have at least been nice to have this as an option. Despite the above litany of complaints, Legend isn’t so much an awful game as it is a dreary, cheerless one designed with a paint-by-numbers sense of artistry. Some action RPG fans may find it a reasonable way of passing the time, although more discerning players will quickly grow tired of its lack of imagination.

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