Legend: Hand of God Review

The editors at Out of Eight have turned their attention toward Legend: Hand of God, giving Master Creating’s action RPG an overall score of 5/8.

(The items are dull,) is the usual complaint from players of action RPGs. But my problem wasn’t with the drops (which were fine). It’s not just about finding junk and selling junk so you can buy more junk, it’s about making a custom made hero, plotting your course, peering at those last few skills and wondering if they’ll be as good as they sound. Looking into your future and wondering, “Is that all?” doesn’t exactly make for compelling gameplay. But if you can’t wait to get that Diablo 3 fix, you might want to give Legend: Hand of God a try. It even looks a bit like Diablo 3, with its sunny fields and controversial use of colors other than brown. Once I got into the groove, the combat was fairly addictive. And for all my complaints about the skills tree, the Faith class was better than any Action/RPG Cleric I’ve ever played, thanks to the thoughtful addition of lighting magic. But if you make a mistake and need to load your game, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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