LambdaRogue: The Book of Stars Released

Word from lead designer Mario Donick is that his roguelike RPG LambdaRogue: The Book of Stars has reached version 1.0 and is now officially available as a “release” version. From the announcement:

Over two years have passed since I started to develop a small little program where an @ could be moved on the screen. After lots of unfinished versions with lots of bugs and problems, and after a break of nearly one year, I again accelerated the development process, which resulted in the 0.3 tree in early 2008.To celebrate the 2nd birthday of my project, I decided to give the next »big« release the version number 1.0, because the version improves again many things and makes everything more stable and polished.

Now, I am happy to announce the release of LambdaRogue 1.0.

Binaries for Windows and Linux, as well as the source

Soundtrack (new; the old soundtrack is incompatible to 1.0)

Most Important Changes

The 1.0 release includes both player visible changes and bug fixes, but also some important invisible changes which make the game more stable and less memory consumption. I removed LOTS of range check problems and fixed several memory leaks. I cleaned up the source and removed now obsolete functions and variables. I reduced the size of save games from 8 MB (12 on Win) to 800 KB (1 MB on Win).Instead of the Bresenham LOS I used in the 0.3 releases, we now use recursive shadowcasting. I want to thank Dave Moore (from KharneRL) for explaining this to me; it’s great to have artifactless LOS and even FOV in the game.

While all former released allowed configuring the interface by editing the configuration file, you now can do this ingame by simply selecting the proper options. Edit your keybindings and switch between mouse or non-mouse-mode without leaving the game.

Besides these and many minor interface- and visual-changes, the game itself has some new features, too. The number of dungeon levels, for example, has been doubled, so there are (again) 20 dungeon levels to explore. These levels contain new treasure, new quests and new enemies and enemies have many new special abilities (and often more than one at a time). Every dungeon level has a name. The wilderness has been replaced by a small »temple level«, which issimilar to Angband’s town level.

Balancing has been improved. Now every character combination should be able to kill at least rats and antbees (while caveworms still are hard for non-combat characters). Magical characters can now train spells they already know by studying the same type of crystal several times.The complete changelog is available in one of the archives.

Finally …

… LambdaRogue is now considered “postcard ware” (yes, I know I’ve stolen this from ADOM). If you like the game or at least want me to continue developing it, send me a postcard. The address can be found in the ingame help files.

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