Knights of the Chalice 2 Update – Expanded Guidebook and MP3 Soundtracks

Heroic Fantasy Games is currently busy preparing their party-based CRPG Knights of the Chalice II for its official release while dealing with some internal personal complications. As such, the game’s latest Kickstarter update brings us up to speed with the recent developments and goes over the game’s latest backer patch.

Check it out:

Hello everyone! The expanded guidebook and MP3 pack and the new version 1.23 of KotC 2 Augury of Chaos are now available for download here for both Windows and macOS.

Sadly, in February my attention was diverted away from KotC 2 many times because of a horrid inheritance procedure and three medical appointments. ‘Horrid’ is a euphemism here.

Nevertheless, I was able to finish adding the village content to the guidebook, increasing the number of pages from 330 to 410. I also made the guidebook more interesting by adding images to many pages. In addition, the guidebook pack now contains MP3 soundtracks and KotC 2 splash screens.

I also made a number of improvements to the game and the module editor. Please see below for details.

Importantly, I completed the Steam requirements for the release of KotC 2 on Steam – everything aside from setting the release date. There will be three items on Steam: the base game, the Archmage Pack containing the guidebooks, soundtracks and artwork, and the Archmage Edition bundle containing the base game and the Archmage Pack.

Currently, I am working on completing the GOG requirements and updating the website so that the game can be released on the website, too.

New Features in KotC 2 Augury of Chaos

  • Added three places in Finchbury where you can use the Nature skill to collect medicinal herbs. Also added a couple of hidden gems in the wilderness.
  • Added a skill or item check when the player is climbing down the passage that leads to the Green Cave for the first time. The item you can use is a rope, which you may now buy from Tiliana.
  • Added two short songs in the Music folder (Tavern Song Harpsichord and Mandolin).
  • Fixed a bug in the Script Editor when using the top-right search box on imported scripts.
  • Fixed an issue in the Module Editor when pushing the Escape key once. Sometimes, this would close several dialogue boxes in one go.
  • In the Module Editor, pressing Left Shift and keeping it pushed will now highlight activable zones in yellow. Activable zones that have an associated script or contain items will be highlighted in orange. This can be useful when you’re working on a map featuring a green background, making it difficult to see activable zones displayed using the default green colour. I’ve also added a note about this in the help entries.
  • In the Module Editor, when viewing the Creature Properties screen for a monster or character, in the Feats and Special Abilities tab you can find the list of that creature’s Spell-Like Abilities, if any. If you right click on the name of a spell-like ability (e.g. Scorching Ray), the help screen for the corresponding spell will now be displayed. Previously, you had to push F1 to display the help, then search for the spell to get its information sheet.
  • In the Script Editor, you can now mouse over an ‘If’, ‘End If’ or ‘Else’ script instruction and push ‘[‘ or ‘]’ (the left square bracket key or the right square bracket key) to jump to the corresponding ‘If’, ‘End If’ or ‘Else’ script instruction. The left bracket will bring you to the beginning of the ‘If-End If’ or ‘If-Else’ block while the right bracket will bring you to the end of the ‘If-End If’ or ‘Else-End If’ block.
  • In the Script Editor, you can now press ‘]’ while mousing over an ‘Add dialog answer’ instruction. This will make the top box select the associated ‘If selected answer’ instruction. You can also press ‘[‘ while mousing over an ‘If selected answer’ instruction. This will make the top box select the associated ‘Add dialog answer’ instruction.
  • Expanded the guidebook pack. The PDF guidebook itself now covers everything about the village and its surroundings, including the ruined version of the village when you return at the end of Chapter 3. I’ve also updated the section about companions and the section about the final battle. I’ve also added many images to the guidebook. The number of pages increased from 330 to 410.
  • Separately, I’ve added 54 game soundtracks in MP3 format and a couple of soundtracks in WAV format to the guidebook pack. Also added a bunch of KotC 2 splash screens. You’ll find everything inside the guidebook file, which is about 330 MBs now.

Next Steps for Knights of the Chalice 2

  • Finish working on the requirements for the release on GOG.
  • On the website, update the KotC 2 Screenshots page and the KotC 2 Features page. Also add a link to the Nexus Mods page for Knights of the Chalice 2 to the left-side menu of the website, as well as a link to a new page where you’ll be able to buy the game and the Archmage Pack directly from the website.
  • Once the release date has been set and the Steam store page is available, upload the new video on YouTube, post a new Kickstarter update, prepare a mass email for players and the news outlets, and prepare new posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the Steam forum, GOG forum, and the website. Also add to the website menu a link to the KotC 2 store page on Steam.
  • I will also contact the RPG YouTubers to see if they can review the game or do an interview, as well as other RPG developers on Twitter to see if they can do a post or two on Twitter.
  • Update a few things on the Steam page of KotC 1 – the search tags and a missing marketing image.

Seems like I have to say this every month (apologies), but yes, I will let everybody know once the release date has been set and I will Count On Everyone to Help Spread the Good Word when the time comes!

As always, if you find bugs or if you have any feedback, thoughts and suggestions, please feel free to let me know here, or in the Forums, or by email at enquiries [at]

Thank You For Your Stalwart Support, Brave Heroes of the Realm! Best regards 🙂

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