Knights of the Chalice 2 – RPG Watch Review

While Knights of the Chalice is in no way a AAA behemoth with millions of sales, it’s a pretty big deal for us, RPG enthusiasts. And as such, you’ll probably want to check out this detailed RPG Watch review of the second game in the series.

Here are just the final thoughts and you take it from there:

In the end Knights of the Chalice 2’s current two modules are games for min/maxers, people who like to try to figure out how to build the mechanically most powerful characters from hundreds of options and watch them succeed against nearly impossible odds. I enjoyed it, even if I had to reload horrifically often. Few games motivate me enough to want to retry fighting the same battle 7 times in a row after having my party crushed. Good, in KOTC 2 you usually know pretty quickly if its curtains, because combat is so deadly. In the end I think some players will fall in love with Knights of the Chalice 2, because of what it offers in terms of challenge, mechanical depth, and content, and they probably will be pretty unhappy with my final rating. The rest of you should keep away, because this game isn’t for you.

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