Knights of the Chalice 2 – New Features

This year’s final Kickstarter update for Heroic Fantasy Games’ Knights of the Chalice 2 lists a number of new features the game can now boast, which includes a new Combat Actions menu, the ability to buy back your recently-sold items, and even the ability to throw your foes around.

And with that conveniently chucked out of the way, the game’s developer can now start working on the other modules promised during the crowdfunding campaign.

Here’s more on that:

The main additions to the game include the new Combat Actions Menu with icons, Custom Hotkeys for Quickbar spells and abilities, the ability to Buy Back items previously sold by your party to merchants, the automatic Flurry of Blows combat action for Monks so that you don’t have to click for each Flurry attack, and the brand new Throw Creature combat action which is available while grappling.

You can use Throw Creature to send enemy creatures flying into pits and other environmental hazards, or you can throw them at other creatures. A creature that occupies 2×2 squares may be thrown at up to four creatures, potentially. Be sure to let your warriors take the new feat Improved Throw Creature.

Separately, I’ve been working on the starting hub map of the first upcoming adventure module, The Dark Arena. It will be a large isometric castle map.

I’ve also spent some time testing a new natural language chat and text-completion AI developed by OpenAI. I think it’s quite useful as an assistant for creative writing. I’ve just posted a short review of this AI on Be sure to read the review if you’re interested in this subject.


Next Steps for Knights of the Chalice 2

Essentially, aside from the planned addition of new high-resolution sprites, I’ve now finished upgrading the game engine with all the new features I wanted to add. I’ll now be focusing a lot more on the new adventure modules. The next development steps are the following:

  • Work on the three upcoming adventure modules. Create the new world map & new dungeon maps.
  • Hire a graphic designer to create new sprites, new maps and other types of artwork.
  • Fix any remaining issues mentioned on the Steam Forum, GOG Forum and the website Forums.
  • Implement additional features such as new monster abilities, subraces, familiars & items.

As always, if you find bugs or if you have any feedback, thoughts and suggestions, please feel free to let me know here, or in the Forums, or by email at enquiries [at]

Thank You So Much For Your Support, Legendary Heroes of the Realm! Best Wishes ^_^

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