King’s Bounty: The Legend Review

Game Vortex reviews King’s Bounty: The Legend and likes it, finding the good aspects outweigh the bad in almost every category.

King’s Bounty: The Legend is a purely strategic outing, so even if the A.I. were mindless, you could still find yourself in a bad spot if you didn’t think things through. Although the A.I. does suffer from some minor flaws, overall it is fairly smart. I learned early on that even if its moves seem random, there is some logic behind them. Often times it will bait you with what looks like an easy kill, enticing you to bum rush the poor sap. Once you bite, well… it doesn’t always end well. The better you are at thinking on your feet, the easier battles are.

Whenever your troops die they are lost for good, upping the ante. As much as I dislike this mechanic, it makes sense within the context of the game. It isn’t too difficult to get new troops, though it is hard not to form some sort of bond with units, especially once you start to upgrade them. The chance of permanently losing units also forces you to think about every move. In short, King’s Bounty would be a much different, and probably weaker, game if you didn’t run the risk of losing troops.

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