King’s Bounty: The Legend Review

Games32 has reviewed King’s Bounty: The Legend and loves it despite a few flaws, giving it a 90/100 for gameplay/graphics, 92/100 for sound, and 90/100 for hardware.

One similarity that King’s Bounty has with Heroes of Might and Magic 5 is the fact that monsters are not stationary, each one having a set patrol route, and entering its sight range will make it come chasing you. Of course, you can take full advantage of this and maneuver around monsters that are guarding important treasures, obtaining items would have otherwise been impossible to get at that level. Keep an eye out for this!

King’s Bounty also features boss fights and… marriage. Boss fights are self explanatory, and are mostly story based, but there are also some bosses from side quests. Bosses take up the entire screen and often an army is not enough to take one down. Some of the boss fights reminded me of “Final Fantasy”, with their constant summoning of minions and cool spells. Marriage, on the other hand, is not self explanatory, as there aren’t a lot of games that offer this option, and also the option of having children.

During your travels, you will meet different ladies fit to be your bride, each one providing special bonuses to your hero, and 4 more item slots, allowing you to wield more. You can also talk to her and tell her you want to have a baby that will randomly appear after that, will take up one of her slots, and will provide other bonuses. If you want to change your wife (does that sound weird, or what?), you can ask for a divorce, but she will take one fifth of your gold and her babies. Of course, there are a lot of brides, each one more funny than the last, and I’ll always remember King’s Bounty for being the game that allowed me to have an undead bride that could change into a living one, at will.

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