King’s Bounty: The Legend Review

Strategy Informer reviews on Katauri Interactive’s King’s Bounty: The Legend and seems to like the game, giving it an 8.0/10.

The world is very colorful and pleasing although the graphics do look a bit dated. The isometric view can be rotated to let you see around buildings and obstacles which is handy at times. Unfortunately, the layouts of each world screen forces you into following paths in order to reach specific locations; there is no cutting cross country to save time or to reach your destination. This frustrated me several times during the game since I was unable to use clever tactics to avoid a more powerful foe.

The game can be unreasonably hard and if you aren’t familiar with this type of game there is no shame to set the difficulty to easy. The first map you start on has a very high percentage of (impossible) and (overwhelming) encounters. If you get into a fight with a superior foe you can retreat, leaving all your army units behind to be destroyed and begin again at King Marks castle. Fortunately, you can pause the game by hitting space and right click on an enemy unit in view to get a view of your relative strengths. If they are to strong you can attempt to avoid them or run away. If you outdistance an enemy group they will give up the chase and return to their map position.

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