King’s Bounty: The Legend E3 Preview and Trailer

IGN is offering up an E3-based preview of Katauri Interactive’s King’s Bounty: The Legend, while FileFront has scored the game’s newly released E3 trailer. Before you check out the video, here’s a little something from the preview:

Before anything begins you select a class. Available is a warrior focused on combat, a paladin that straddles the line between melee and magic, and a mage that, as you might expect, is better with magic. The game uses quite a few systems for advancing your character, from upgrading magic spells like lightning strikes and poison attack to powering up special skills and boosting summoned beasts.

The game’s set up so you can move your hero around a colorful high fantasy overworld, accepting quests from NPCs, finding dungeons and entering into fights with any who challenge you along the road. When outside of a fight you just roam around on a horse, clicking on the ground to move, but once battle starts a hex grid pops up and the action moves into a turn-based format.

Along with your hero you’ll acquire an army, and accruing leadership points through combat will allow you command them more effectively, but it seems to be the hero that gets most of the cool abilities. On the character equip screen you’ll be able to view statistics and a variety of special abilities that can be powered up by acquiring different kinds of runes, as well as swap in and out equipment.

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