Journeys in Azeroth, Part Two

The Armchair Empire has released the second installment to their “Journeys in Azeroth” diary series for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft. A snippet:

The trip from Ironforge to Thelsamar does take some time. Walking there, I had to take Oloneise and Whiskers along a very long road that felt like would never end (I had forgotten how long the hike is). After passing through one final tunnel, I had reached Loch Modan, with its green grass, tall trees, and distinct lack of snow. The first valley you enter in the region when coming from Dun Morogh isn’t very big, but does have a dwarven outpost, with a pair of giant statues of dwarf kings (looking very similar to the pair of king’s statues in Lord of the Ring). Quickly looking for any quests that could be done here, I zipped into the outpost and saw a couple of mountaineers with little, yellow exclamation marks on top of their heads. After talking to them, they informed me that the Troggs just won’t leave them alone, as there are yet more of these buggers around the Loch up to no good. What they would like Oloneise to do is thin the hairy beasts’ ranks a bit, to which I quickly agreed.

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