Jagged Alliance 3 Impressions

Following last month’s trailer for Jagged Alliance 3, we’re now treated to this WCCFTech preview for the game that goes over its basic premise, tells us how it fits in with the rest of the series, and briefly covers some of the game’s standout mechanics.

Here’s a couple of sample paragraphs:

What the setting also brings is an influence on how the game works. Much like some real-life states, Grand Chien is prominent in the blood diamond trade, so earning money to pay your increasing group of mercenaries will see you capturing diamond mines. In addition, maps and structures show signs of their colonial past. It all adds to the sense that this is an actual wartorn African state that has only just elected a democratic leader, and the vested interests of those before have led to the current conflict.

Aesthetically, Jagged Alliance 3 looks good from the presentation. There are lovely throwbacks to earlier entrants in the series, which include the design of your laptop (going full retro) and the equipment you’ll be using. After all, this is set only a few years after Jagged Alliance 2. Even the overall strategic map had a nice bit of flair to it. The tactical maps have the most attention to detail, with a brighter colour palette and seemingly high-quality models helping them stand out.

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