Jade Empire Reviews

Amid the onslaught of news, previews, interviews, and media surrounding E3 comes two new reviews for BioWare’s Jade Empire. The first is at Gamenikki with an overall score of 8/10:

It won’t have the longevity of KOTOR, and the difficulty factor basically reduces to an enemy health multiplier, but Jade Empire is still an enjoyable romp.

And the second is at IC-Games with an overall score of 89%:

All in all, Jade Empire is a pretty good game. Its main problem lies in the fact that it is a lesser version of two genres action and RPG. If you want Asian flip around fighting action, Ninja Gaiden was pretty great; you should check it out. If you want a deep RPG set in an exciting new world, Knights of the Old Republic does that job just fine. Jade Empire feels like Bioware tried to appeal to both kinds of gamers, and ended up losing some of what each genre’s fans would like to see. No worries, though, each genre’s fan can still have fun. If you want a hardcore RPG or a thrill-a-minute action game, Jade Empire is going to be a letdown, but if you want a decent blend of the two genres, with a pretty well-told story thrown in for kicks, it might just do the trick. Bioware has proven once again they are a company to be trusted, but the question for the ages is: will they ever trump Knights of the Old Republic?

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