Jade Empire Reviews

The weekend brought us another handful of Jade Empire reviews, all of which give the Xbox RPG very high marks. The first is at Gamers Wanted with an overall score of 9.7/10:

Even after five pages of description, I have yet to do Jade Empire any justice. The game is so nearly flawless, and so expertly put together that even the most hardcore Sony fan boy would have a hard time nit picking it. From the games varied and interesting cast to the engrossing, expertly written storyline, Jade Empire will pull you in and keep you there until the credits finish. Not only is Jade Empire the best RPG on Xbox and a serious contender for the best Xbox game this year, it’s one of the best games to come out during this generation of consoles, period.

The second is at GameBattles with an overall score of 9.3/10:

When the gaming world looks at Jade Empire as a game of its own merits it will be hailed as one of the best. The epic story leaves players literally craving more, the balanced fighting system provides an entertaining means to advance the plot, and the universe of Jade Empire is beyond compare on Xbox or any other console. Veterans of Bioware’s previous title will see all the quirks of KotoR rear their ugly heads. The conversations are stiffly animated, treasure chests are still a hassle to open at times, and the menu is eerily similar to Knights. Bioware proved that a vast and sweeping universe can indeed be assembled without major flaw, however. Fantasy (not RPG) titles on the Xbox will be hard-pressed to surpass Jade Empire in scope, combat, or story, and the good folks at Bioware have proven once again that quality fantasy can be done on console in North America as well as across the Pacific.

And the third is at GameBiz with an overall score of 90%:

It may not be the Morrowind killer in our eyes, but Jade Empire is a very solid title that will keep you playing right to the very end. Follow the way of the open palm, or bury yourself with the way of the closed fist, it’s inevitably up to you. There are three different endings to be experienced, one of which can be experienced whether you’re good or evil, which was a bit of a let down. We were kind of hoping that in the end, you could go back to all the places you’ve visited and talk to all the NPCs to have them congratulate you, and also be able to collect all the stuff you missed out on, but unfortunately it just ends, similar to this review.

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