Jade Empire Reviews

Two more online reviews for BioWare’s Jade Empire have surfaced, and they’re both on the positive side. The first is at Boomtown with an overall score of 9/10:

Bioware has once again delivered a great title, which manages to mix several game genres without falling short of any of them. Few game developers can manage this feat, and even fewer can make it as accessible as console gamers crave their games to be.

And the second is at Telefragged with an overall score of 93%:

Bioware’s gone in a new action-oriented direction this time with Jade Empire while making sure that many new tactical choices and options are still available to the player. Hardcore Dungeons & Dragons buffs are going to scoff at the erosion of classic RPG standards, but that doesn’t even remotely make this a bad game. The world is imaginative and beautiful, and the characters are very interesting and present many new options for the player. This one easily lives up to the Bioware name and goes alongside many of their past titles as instant classics.

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