Jade Empire Reviews

Several more online reviews for BioWare’s Jade Empire have been posted, most of which are on the positive side. The first is at ConsoleGameWorld with an overall score of 97%:

Jade Empire is my personal favorite RPG on the Xbox and should stand the test of time for a long to come. You’d be missing out if you are going to pass up on the opportunity to play Jade Empire.

The second is at Tea Leaves with no overall score:

The cost of all this superb balance is that the game lacks daring. In places where the game’s designers had opportunities to make something strong and sharp (such as the aforementioned puzzles), they instead intentionally made something soft and dull. I understand the tradeoff. Had I been producing the game, I might have made the same choice. But I can still feel some regret for the shadow the nonexistent, sharper game casts over the one I actually own.

If you have an Xbox, you should buy Jade Empire.

The third is at InsideGamerOnline with an overall score of 8.8/10:

Jade Empire is still a very worthy investment for anyone looking for their next RPG fix. Despite the somewhat brutal attack against the game’s battle system, it really isn’t too bad, especially if you up the difficulty from the hand holding-like default setting. With gorgeous visuals, outstanding sound, and a story maintaining BioWare’s high standards, Jade Empire is a game no RPG fan should miss, and because of its more interactive real time battle system and little devotion to character development, action fans can also find quite an experiences in the lands of the Jade Empire.

The fourth is at MS Xbox World with an overall score of 8.5/10:

Jade Empire is a welcome addition to the Xbox roster of games and definitely is a game full of character. With easy to understand combat that will appeal to action players and some level of depth that will appeal to RPG fans makes Jade Empire a game that should appeal to both types of player. Whether this is actually the case, well the jury is out on this one as I’m still not sure whether the game is too vague in each area to be enough. That said, if you are willing to indulge then you will find a game that is impressive, different and generally very fun, despite maybe having some clichéd and overly drawn out dialogue at times. The similarities between this and Kotor are apparent at times and makes one wonder if the developers rested on the success of those two games when making Jade Empire. Either way I like Jade Empire as it is full of some neat ideas and I think that the majority of players with an open mind will like it too. If you lack any sort of patience then I might suggest that you stay clear as the game might prove to be too much.

And the fifth is at Talk Xbox with an overall score of 9.6/10:

With extremely high production values, an open-ended story, and just about everything else a good RPG needs, Jade Empire is a brilliant experience. Jade Empire sets an example for other games of its genre. Not only does this game have an almost unbelievable amount of depth, it can be enjoyed by the not so hardcore as well because it’s not turn-based. Everything is in real-time and quite frankly, that’s the way it should be. I applaud BioWare’s hard work and effort; they pulled off what everybody was expecting, and more. Jade Empire has lived up to every last bit of its hype, and I could not be happier.

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