Jade Empire Reviews Unleashed

Five new reviews for Jade Empire were unleashed on the web today, all of which give the Xbox RPG a glowing review score. The first is at GameZone with an overall score of 9.8/10:

Jade Empire is a real treat, combining ancient Chinese mythology with excellent gameplay and a compelling story. This game will stand the test of time as one of the premier RPG games for many years. Even if you don’t own an Xbox, you owe it to yourself to play this game.

The second is at GameSpot with an overall score of 8.4/10:

You’ll probably enjoy Jade Empire a great deal if you approach it with reasonable expectations. Namely, you shouldn’t expect a game that’s hands-down superior to what you may have experienced from BioWare in the past. Instead, you can look forward to a game whose strengths ultimately outweigh its weaknesses by a long shot. In short, if the setting of Jade Empire appeals to you, along with the promise of a good storyline and some open-ended role playing, then you’ll be more than satisfied with BioWare’s latest game.

The third is at GamerFeed with an overall score of 4.5/5:

Everything is here people. If you’re a fan of RPGs and own an Xbox, you simply have no excuse; you must pick up Jade Empire. It’s action-packed, has a deep and entertaining storyline, the leveling up system is easy for beginners to pick up, but retains a good amount of depth, and the mini-games help to keep things fresh. The only problems with Jade are minor at best, and few and far between. Here’s hoping Bioware continues their great series of RPGs on Microsoft’s next console.

The fourth is at BuzzScope with an overall score of “A+”:

For all the hype Jade Empire has received, I have to say that it was well warranted. You’ve got an awesome story, a nice little plot twist when you think the game is about to be over and it’s so engaging that you’ll want to play it over again so you can see all three endings. Bioware has added yet another notch on their bulletproof pedigree. They’ve shown that no matter how far they stray from what people deem as the norm from them, the game will still be hot. They’ve shown that even if they give out a sequel in their series to another developer that it’ll still be hot (i.e. KOTOR 2). Above all else, they’ve shown that whatever they touch will be gold. This is yet another nod to the fact that Bioware is one of the premiere developers of our time. Jade Empire is not to be missed by any Xbox owner and should be reason enough for any RPG fan to pick up the console. Put simply, this perfect score Jade Empire earned from us means you’re a damn fool if you don’t pick this up. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

And the fifth is at GameDAILY with an overall score of 4.5/5:

If you thought Fable and Knights of the Old Republic were the best RPGs the Xbox had to offer, you need to think again. Jade Empire is the new king of Xbox RPGs, and it doesn’t look like anything will be releasing this year to top it. The storyline doesn’t start off slow, but still picks up pace greatly as you progress through the game. As you learn new attacks, you’ll find that just about everything looks very flashy, and gives you a satisfying sense of triumph when you down an enemy. And like KOTOR, you can choose between good and evil to change the path your character takes throughout the game. Any flaws Jade Empire has are minor. This is one solid RPG.

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