Jade Empire Review

eToyChest has posted a review of Jade Empire, giving BioWare’s Xbox RPG an overall score of 90/100. Their conclusion to follow:

Despite all the gripes and they are minor considering Jade Empire will almost automatically draw comparisons to Knights of the Old Republic Bioware’s latest epic is not a bad game at all. There are parts where it doesn’t take itself seriously and this makes for a very enjoyable play-through. It even includes SHMUP-style minigames where you fly around a dragonfly-looking vehicle while taking down the Empire’s forces in the air. There’s also a playable demo of Conker: Live and Reloaded. Sure, Jade Empire isn’t KOTOR (despite so many similarities), but that’s a rough peak to meet. It’s still an easy contender for the title of second-best RPG on the Xbox.

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