Jade Empire Preview

GameSpy has put together another preview of BioWare’s Jade Empire, based upon what they saw at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Check it out:

Even though your character in Jade Empire will be operating solo, he or she will attract a legion of followers — as all martial arts legends do (duh). You’ll have a base that serves as your stronghold. As you gain followers, they’ll stay at your stronghold. Defeating a demon causes him to swear loyalty to you, giving your base a potent defense. Some followers will fortify and build up your base. Others can be sent on quests. Romantic trysts can be had with followers. Interacting with your peeps can reveal quests and have other ramifications in the game.

One follower I saw was named Henpeck Ho. He served as the main character’s major domo, telling him what’s up, taking care of the household as needed, and sending other followers on quests as ordered. Another follower was named Black Whirlwind, a powerful oaf that pledged fealty after he was defeated in combat. Black Whirlwind is a good choice to send out on quests that require brutish strength, but if intellect is needed you best find another. Picking the right character for the right quest is key; failure can close off additional quests or raise item prices throughout the land.

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