Jade Empire E3 Preview

GameSpy has put together a preview of Jade Empire, based upon what they saw of the Xbox RPG at this year’s E3. A snippet, as usual:

Watching the combat, it’s easy to be taken aback by the intricacies of every movement the characters make. Amazingly, pulling off these fighting feats is as simple as can be. You only use two buttons for attacks; it’s the design that makes the ballet of brutality flow so smoothly. Combos are little more than A-A-A or X-X-X, with none of the excruciating memorization that comes with the Mortal Kombats and Soul Caliburs of the gaming world. Picture the lightsaber battles in Knights of the Old Republic, but with Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee going at it. Also emulating KOTOR is the ability to pause action at any time, and the ability to switch targets during this time.

Defensive tactics are even more visually stunning. Your character bobs, weaves, and rolls out of danger. The best part is, all you have to do is hold down the block button and move around. Everything looks expertly choreographed, as opposed to the clunky interactions of most fighting games. As blows hit or miss, you can see how much damage they have caused to you or your hapless foe — thanks to the handy virtual d20 that guides the actions.

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