Jade Empire E3 Preview

Kikizo Games has put together a preview of Jade Empire, based upon what they saw on the show floor of E3. Check it out:

The combat dares to push this RPG into a different genre altogether. Almost. It’s all real-time, allowing you to use customizable sets of skills to dial up deadly combos without waiting to watch them play out. You can charge certain skills to deliver a blow capable of demolishing an entire enemy, or use two skills in tandem, known as a “harmonic combo”, to deal out pain in stylish, powerful fashion. All of this is in addition to a bit of BioWare magick known as “Focus” which allows the player to slow down time for a limited bit of time. This unique take on combat never leaves a dull moment, but still retains the distinctive aspect of strategy that has followed BioWare RPGs before Jade Empire.

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