Irrational Games To Expand Canberra Studio

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Canberra Australia, Feb. 12, 2004 – ( Irrational Games Australia is planning a major expansion of its Canberra game development studio to deliver a series of major international video game development projects.
Irrational Games established its Canberra studio in 1999 to build Freedom Force, a PC superhero action simulation game. The Freedom Force project employed and trained over 25 local video game developers, establishing Irrational Games as one of the leading independent development houses in Australia. The Freedom Force project was completed in 2002, selling over 350,000 copies worldwide and earning a number of industry awards including Computer Gaming World’s “Strategy Game Of the Year” and PC Gamer’s Top 4 Games of 2002

“A major international video game title costs 5 or 6 million US dollars to develop and employs 30 – 40 people over a couple of years” said Jon Chey, Managing Director of Irrational Games Australia. “The majority of our expenditure flows directly into the ACT economy in the form of salaries and infrastructure. And as we are taking on a greater number of larger game development projects, we need to employ more people”

Irrational Games is hiring

Irrational’s Canberra studio now employs over 30 full time developers including artists, programmers and game designers. The company is always looking for new talent, particularly for experienced game developers. “Video game development is a professional career option now” Jon Chey said. “That is why we are looking for ways to collaborate more closely with local educational and research institutions.”

Irrational Games announces Freedom Force vs The Third Reich

Irrational Games is making bold moves into publishing its own titles with its successful Freedom Force franchise. The company is currently developing Freedom Force vs The Third Reich in Canberra for release later this year. “This project capitalizes on the valuable intellectual property that we created with the initial Freedom Force project” said Jon Chey. “We plan to develop a series of games, comics, movies and other spin offs around the Freedom Force franchise. The ACT government has provided invaluable assistance and encouragement for this initiative.” The ACT government has provided support from the Knowledge Fund to help Irrational Games develop the self publishing and direct distribution model for Freedom Force vs The Third Reich.

Irrational Games signs major deal with Vivendi Universal Games for Tribes: Vengeance

Irrational Games recently announced a multimillion dollar deal with Vivendi Universal Games to build Tribes: Vengeance, a sequel to the Tribes series of games, in Canberra.

The Tribes project is one of the most significant projects to be brought to Australia.

“Our Canberra team have proved that Australian developers can deliver product that is equal to or better than US studios,” said Jon Chey, Managing Director of Irrational Games Australia. “We are now moving into the next stage of our development, locating our core development resources in Canberra”

“We’re excited to be working with Irrational Games on Tribes: Vengeance, one of the most eagerly anticipated multiplayer PC games of the year,” commented Colin Brown, Marketing Director for Vivendi Universal Games, Australia. “Irrational Games have demonstrated with Freedom Force that they can successfully deliver a compelling and exciting gaming experience to the global market and Tribes: Vengeance will be no different.”

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