Iron Tower Studio Colony Ship Game Design Update #8

The eighth update on the development of Iron Tower’s still untitled Colony Ship RPG is a look at one of the locations that will presumably be featured in the final game, the Shuttle Bay. The update also includes a piece of concept art showcasing the general mood of the area.

Here’s an excerpt on the Jackson Riflemen militia that populates it:

The Riflemen have a ‘complex’ belief system that prevented them from allying with any major faction. They want to be free, so they are in agreement with the Brotherhood on many issues. At the same time, they value tradition, which is what the Protectors are selling. Last but not the least, they loosely follow the word of Jesus Christ – “read the Bible as interpreted by experts”, which makes them open to the sermons of the Church of the Elect.

So the best way to explore this location is via “diplomacy” by securing an alliance with one of the factions which might be trickier than you think as the Riflemen aren’t really a team player eager to take orders from the city slickers. If anything they are a force of chaos waiting for the right opportunity to be unleashed.

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