Imperator E3 Preview

The guys at The Laser have taken a closer look at Mythic Entertainment’s Imperator, presumably based upon their impressions of the sci-fi MMORPG at this year’s E3. Check it out:

The game is already looking quite impressive, with an excellent visual look that creates a believable and cohesive alternative universe. The character models look great, and the developers have smartly borrowed from Roman mythology without going the cheesy route – you won’t find characters running around in togas brandishing swords during Imperator’s galactic battles. Instead, the cast traverses a number of locations and environments inspired by the Roman legends. For example, one of the planets you’ll be able to explore is called Hades, after the Roman vision of Hell. From a visual standpoint, the game is looking great and will run on the same GameBryo and DAoC engines used to power Dark Age of Camelot. This means the game will look and play as solidly while still offering an immersive environment for players to explore. This stability will also extend to Mythic’s server approach, which will support smaller groups of players on dedicated servers, instead of trying to include tens of thousands of players in one massive, all-encompassing server. This approach has worked well with Mythic’s other titles and should keep Imperator from experiencing the frustrating downtime that has plagued other MMORPG’s to date.

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