Imperator Combat System E3 Preview has published a preview of Imperator, based upon what they saw of the game’s combat system during a demonstration at this year’s E3. Check it out:

The difference between a light tank and a heavy tank is far too often simply mathematical. The light tank stands still, hits fast and takes more damage. The heavy tank also stands still, hits slow, and takes less damage. While these basic concepts remain in Imperator, the necessity of different play styles for different classes augments them. The heavy tank will remain the damage sponge, as he endeavors to keep the attention of the monster squarely on him. Yet, the light tank type class has feats that make them move around. For example, they might begin with an in close blast, followed by a semi-far away shotgun shot, etc. This creates a sort of pinball class that plays and feels a lot different from their heavier brothers. For once, the choice of class has a direct impact on the style of play. This promises to enhance reliability, as it turns each class into their own unique play experience. It also means that while the game is still an RPG, there are definitely elements of player skill to consider.

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