Iceberg Interactive Publisher Weekend FIVE DAY SALE

Starpoint Gemini Warlords. Oriental Empires. RTS Circle Empires. What do all three of these titles have in common? It’s publisher, Iceberg Interactive.

All of these titles, including many more, are up for sale in Iceberg Interactive’s five-day sale.

Sale! Sale! Sale!

From deals such as 10% off to 85% off on more than 60 original titles and DLC, you’ll be glad that Christmas has come early with these offers.

“This is a very special time in the year for us when we open up our whole catalogue for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their buying power.”, says Erik Schreuder, CEO of Iceberg Interactive.

If you want to take advantage of these great offers but not sure which titles to go for, below we’ve given you a rundown on games you have to check out from their extensive catalogue.

Circle Empire

The demo for this real-time strategy game racked in a whopping 150,000 fans, which helped with its release in August of this year. You are the leader of your kingdom. To become stronger and stronger, you fight opponents left, right, and centre.

With large-scale battles, more than 100 different creatures, buildings, and resources, and with a previous patch installed last month, there are many things to explore within Circle Empire.

Read ZombieChimp’s coverage here and here.


If you’re more interested in the grittiness of psychological horror, then Inmates is a very interesting title to look at. As a horror-based walking simulator, you use puzzles to progress through the story, and not rely on the protection of weapons or the capability to run.

Have a look at our official review for Inmates here.

Oriental Empires

Another strategy-game on the list, Oriental Empires attempts to recreate the civilisation of ancient China, where again, you are the leader of your kingdom. Develop your land, cities, and armies to be the greatest empire in all of China.

There are so many features to this game, such as fully animated 3D models, setting laws and decrees, multiplayer mode, and 24 different factions to choose from.

Check out our rundown of Oriental Empires here.

There are many more options to choose from Iceberg Interactive’s extensive library, which you can have a look at for yourselves here. If you are interested, you need to hurry, as you have until October the 15th to benefit from these great discounts.

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