Horizons: State of the Game

The official Horizons: Empire of Istaria website has been updated with another “State of the Game” article, in which producer Steve Snow talks about short and long term goals for the Dragon race. Take a look:

Short Term:

Dragon Rite of Passage – We are in the process of implementing the Rite of Passage for dragons. This is a fairly in depth game event only for Dragons. I can’t say much about it because we have a schedule and plan for bringing this to light in a much more official fashion. What I can say is that it’s shaping up to be pretty cool.

Ongoing Process:

Dragon Hoards – The design staff is currently lobbying for time to get into the hoards and start making adjustments that fit more in line with the way they envisioned hoards; so I gave it to them. Players will start to see an impact in the game in March.

Dragon Crafting Skill Quests – We are budgeting time to re-evaluate the way dragon crafting quests are functioning…or may not be functioning. This should start to show up in Horizons in March, as well.

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