Horizons Q&A

Horizons Vault has conducted an interview with Artifact Entertainment’s David Bowman, in which they ask several fan-submitted questions. Take a look:

Q: What will your stance be towards macroing of skills? Will you design the system so that it is impossible, will you attempt to curb it with disciplinary action, or will you simply allow it?

A: Skills are statistics that are used to calculate results of various actions taken by the character in the game. The skills themselves cannot be macro-ed, but perhaps the abilities that utilize them could. A sophisticated macro user could potentially develop a macro that would allow them to be in the game world 24/7 and increase their character’s possessions or statistics. As long as this behaviour did not prevent other players from enjoying the game, then we would do nothing other than evaluate why a player would prefer to macro what should be fun. If the player’s actions prevented other players from enjoying the game, they would be punished under the rules that govern all player’s behaviour in Horizons.

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