Horizons Q&A Sessions

A pair of Q&A sessions with members of the Horizons: Empire of Istaria development team have hit the web today. The first is at EGCore, where they talk with Artifact Entertainment’s David Bowman. Check it out:

Q: Do you feel it’s important for reviewers of MMOs to essentially review the dev team as well as the game? Why?

A: I think that they need to address the company’s Live team and plans for growth and support. You are not just buying what’s in the retail box at day one, you are buying the ongoing content (or lack thereof) and the attitudes and abilities of the team that will influence your continued game experience.

And the second is at Horizons Stratics, where they talk with Artifact Entertainment’s Steve Snow. A snippet, as usual:

Q: What’s the oddest problem that you have come across during the development or Horizons and how was it rectified?

A: We had to do a demo in Denver a long time ago. Which meant we had to bring the technology out there because none of it was accessible externally due to the early stage of development. So I rented a big fat white van and drove the servers and the whole setup from Phoenix to Denver. I then returned from Denver, rested for a day and drove the same van and same setup out to LA for E3.

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