Horizons Interview

Fappin has conducted an interview with Artifact’s Steve Escalante, asking the director of marketing several questions about the soon-to-be-released Horizons: Empire of Istaria. A snippet:

Q: In combat, why choose not to have P vs. P combat?

A: Player versus player combat is a different animal than the players versus monsters/environment. It is our belief that a game is designed to be one or the other. It is hard to include PvP because it typically doesn’t balance well with PvE. (Griefing) is always a concern. not to mention the customer service issues that follow. We are of the opinion that you cannot simply change a few rules to your game and have it function well as a PvP. That being said we are committed to creating a PvP version of Horizons. The chances are greater that it will be a separate product rather than an infusion to the current game. Besides, 10% of the EQ players play on PvP servers. isn’t that the game that has the most subscribers in North America?

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