Horizons Far East Distribution Q&A

Steve Escalante, Artifact Entertainment’s Marketing Director, answers a handful of questions over at RPGVault about the announcement that NCsoft will not distribute Horizons in the Far East. A snippet:

Q: Considering your stated interest in the Korean and Far Eastern market, what more can you say at this time about plans to seek alternate distribution?

A: At this time, there is no contract that binds Artifact to any company within the six territories mentioned above, either for distribution or hosting of the game. Our options are wide open and we are exploring several opportunities. One option is to allow customers from those six Asian territories to play Horizons on US-based servers. We already have people playing from Asia, and we see more accounts being added every day.

Currently, our Asian customers have to purchase the game either directly from the US or from Australia. Given the shipping times, this is not fun or an ideal situation. We plan to make this process easier by offering a local retail solution for future Asian customers. Artifact is already working with a company to get just such a solution up as swiftly as possible.

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