Hordes of the Underdark Interview

GameSpot has conducted an interview with BioWare’s Darcy Pajak and Trent Oster, asking the assistant producer/producer several questions about the upcoming Hordes of the Underdark expansion for Neverwinter Nights. A snippet to follow:

Q: Though the two expansion packs collectively add a great deal to Neverwinter Nights, are there other things you’d ideally like to add to the game, if you were given infinite creative license? 3.5 Edition rules? A standardized Star Wars ruleset?

TO: Given no time and money constraints I would add everything I could think of. I’d really like to add a huge number of new things, but none of them are feasible in an expansion pack. In my mind, all our work on Neverwinter Nights is a strong step in the right direction. Now we just have to wait and see what the future holds.

DP: As Trent says, there are so many things we want to add: more monsters to fight, more classes to explore, etc. The Underdark world has so many possibilities for adventures I would like to explore. But given infinite creative license, I would add a feature that would call for pizza from within the game so I don’t have to step away.

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