Hordes of the Underdark First Impressions

Maximus from the Neverwinter Vault has dished up some first impressions of BioWare’s new expansion for Neverwinter Nights. Check it out:

As I expected, I couldn’t pull myself away from the computer -even more so than usual- and have just finished after a marathon session started on Friday. I can honestly say that this is the best NWN campaign I’ve seen from BioWare. It truly lives up to what you would expect from an Epic module, pitting you against against some of the greatest forces of evil ever created. The storyline is epic, and there are many cool innovations, some we’ve first seen from the community, some we haven’t, though I hope builders “steal” liberally from Hordes. Can’t speak about what those things are but there are a few I’d love to see in every module.

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